A while back, Claire bought one of those toy plastic bows with suction cup arrows, for the movie Brave.  She never really figured out how to shoot it and never had a good place to practice.  She taped up a hand-drawn target on a piece of paper on the playroom cabinet, but of course the suction cup arrows never stuck to the paper.

At the end of her latest sleepover, Maddie’s dad tried it out and stuck an arrow right into the white board of the kids’ art easel.  Brilliant!  A few days later, Claire’s friend Claudia come over, and they drew a target on the easel.  Pretty soon, after working on their technique, Claire and Claudia were firing and sticking one arrow after another to the easel.

Today before we picked up Molly, Claire got her first perfect bullseye.  She shot and just nailed it.  So here is a picture to commemorate her first bullseye.

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