Inside Can be Fun Too

What have Claire and Molly been doing with all their free time now that they’re out of school for the summer? ¬†Besides playing in the rain, having friends over, swimming, and watching Jessie, here are a few pics of their indoor¬†activities so far this summer.


Rainy Summer Days

With all the rain we’ve been having lately, the backyard has turned into a water park for¬†the girls. ¬†Molly, in particular, loves going outside to play, especially when it is raining. ¬†She likes when it is raining really hard best of all. ¬†She and Claire will spend hours at a time out there just splashing around and playing with their toys.

They even set up a water park for their My Little Pony toys. ¬†The park is inspired by¬†Schlitterbahn and features a giant water slide with a big pool at the end of it. ¬†There is also a “natural pond”, which is basically a big puddle. ¬†And the Swamp of Doom in the muddy grass area. ¬†Claire made a map of the park and even added a snack stand¬†for refreshments (it’s alternately¬†a smoothie place, a fish taco place, or Benny’s Fish ‘n’ Chips).


Scholz Garten

Here are some pics of the girls having fun on the stage at Scholz Garten, a beer garden in downtown Austin founded in 1866.  As we waited for our food, Claire and Molly ran up on stage and put together a show for the smattering of customers in the outdoor patio this Saturday afternoon.  The German-themed mural must have inspired them.

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This year, we’re going to sort of miss Father’s Day since Kit is on call and can’t really do anything fun; she could be called away to the hospital at any minute. ¬†So as an early Father’s Day, I got to choose something to do, and I picked¬†Scholz. ¬†I’m not a big fan of beer, but I am a fan of 150-year-old beer gardens. ¬†And it turns out they have some great¬†beer and root beer on tap, good bar grub, and cute little girls running around on the stage.

After lunch/dinner, we went home and watched the original Star Wars¬†to top off my pre- Father’s Day. ¬†(Molly hated Star Wars, and Claire seemed to tolerate it.)

A Fun Day in SA

Kit was schedule to run an audit at a hospital¬†in downtown San Antonio on Monday, and she had a nice hotel room right across the street¬†on the Riverwalk, so she invited the rest of the family along to enjoy a quick trip to S.A. ¬†We had lots of fun for a one-day trip, mostly exploring the Riverwalk, swimming, and eating. ¬†The girls did not want to leave on Monday morning after a final¬†swim at the hotel, but I had to get back to work in the afternoon to catch up with the team on the¬†happenings at Apple’s 2015¬†developer conference (WWDC).


Last Day of School ’15

The girls head out for their last day of school for this academic year. ¬†This was Molly’s last day in Pre-K and Claire’s last day in 3rd grade. ¬†It is a pajamas day for Molly, and both girls get to bring games, stuffed animals, etc. for their last day with their classes.


Things Molly Hates

Here are a few¬†of the things that Molly has specifically¬†stated that she “hates” in recent weeks. ¬†Note that most of these things are almost universally admired¬†by people¬†who are not¬†Molly. ¬†Also, this is only¬†a partial¬†sampling of things that Molly strongly dislikes.

  • The movie Back to the Future
  • Fresh Lemonade
  • Our dog, Muffin
  • Car washes (“why can‚Äôt you¬†just keep the car clean to begin with?”)
  • Dinosaur bones
  • Pie
  • Dipping pretzels in hummus
  • Dipping tortilla chips in hummus