Scholz Garten

Here are some pics of the girls having fun on the stage at Scholz Garten, a beer garden in downtown Austin founded in 1866.  As we waited for our food, Claire and Molly ran up on stage and put together a show for the smattering of customers in the outdoor patio this Saturday afternoon.  The German-themed mural must have inspired them.

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This year, we’re going to sort of miss Father’s Day since Kit is on call and can’t really do anything fun; she could be called away to the hospital at any minute.  So as an early Father’s Day, I got to choose something to do, and I picked Scholz.  I’m not a big fan of beer, but I am a fan of 150-year-old beer gardens.  And it turns out they have some great beer and root beer on tap, good bar grub, and cute little girls running around on the stage.

After lunch/dinner, we went home and watched the original Star Wars to top off my pre- Father’s Day.  (Molly hated Star Wars, and Claire seemed to tolerate it.)

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