A Cat Ran on the Sidewalk

One of the Halloween activities in Claire’s class this year was for each kid to make up a Halloween story on their own.  The teachers transcribed the stories, printed and laminated them, and posted them on the wall for everyone to read.  Claire’s read as follows:

A cat ran on the sidewalk.  The doggie got the cat.  The mommy forgot her purse.  The little lady laughed.  The little lady wore a hat.  She also had thousands and thousands of coins.

Most of the other kids’ stories were pretty nice too.  A couple were scarcely one sentence long.  And one or two were just descriptions of Star Wars battles that had nothing to do with Halloween.

Curly Q

Molly is suck a little sleepy head. And when she gets tired, she loves to curl up like a little doodle bug. She literally curls into almost a perfect ball when cuddling. It can be challenging to feed her because it is hard to simply lay her out straight enough to get the right angle for her bottle!

I want Molly

At dinner tonight, while Molly was upstairs sleeping, Claire said “I want to see Molly!”. Since Claire is off at school and Molly still back home during the weekdays, Claire does not get to see a lot of Molly (awake). Claire said that during school she wants to get home and see Molly and touch her and talk to her.
So sweet.

Will You Look At That?

Molly did her first visual tracking today, following a black and white rattle as we moved it around in front of her.  This is a bit of a milestone, as she is now actually starting to see things instead of just a fuzzy world.

(Actually, the world is all fuzzy to me, and I am 36 years old, but that is another story…)