Fun with Math

Fun with Math

Molly has a surprising new form of entertainment while I drive her around in the car.  She is doing a math self-assessment.  For fun!  Her idea, I swear!   And this from a girl who was doing extra math tutoring just last year!  You have no idea how happy this makes a dad.

Specifically, Molly is doing the official State of Texas 3rd grade math assessment practice workbook. ¬†It’s an old copy that she inherited from Claire.

Math Book.jpeg

Occasionally as we drive around, Molly will ask me to check her math.

Molly: “Dad, what’s 18 plus 7?”

Me: “I think you probably know that one. ¬†Do you have a guess?”

Molly: “Mmmmm… 25?”

Me: “Yep. ¬†Well played!”

I asked Molly what she enjoys about doing math for fun, and she just says, “I dunno. ¬†I just like it.” ¬†She did tell me me she does sometimes get frustrated by multi-step questions. ¬†I told her a little challenge can be a good thing. ¬†She nodded and kept plugging away at the workbook.

How this happened, I do not know. ¬†I guess the math tutoring worked! ūü§∑ūüŹĽ‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ

Molly: Scientist of the week

Molly: Scientist of the week

Molly showed a cool magic trick — oops, I mean science experiment — to her class for “Scientist of the Week” today. ¬†Molly got to choose her own experiment. ¬†She didn’t like any of the experiments from the standard class books because they “don’t have useful conclusion”. ¬†She found an experiment she liked roughly relating to air pressure in a random kid’s science book that I had.

As you can see in the picture, she turns a cup of water upside down, and a playing card miraculously holds the water in the cup.

The class was pretty impressed and had lots of questions. ¬†“es this work with orange juice?”, ¬†“Does it work with sparkling water?”, ¬†“Do you have to use a card, or can I use my iPad?”, “Does it work on a lower value card?” ¬†To test the last question, we tried the experiment on a second card of lower value (2 of spades) to make sure it still worked. ¬†What do you know, it worked!? ūüėČ

You got a love those curious third grade minds!  And way to go Molly for a great presentation.

First Grade Guide to Austin Restaurants

First Grade Guide to Austin Restaurants

Molly’s first grade class did the cutest assignment to hand out to the parents as a Christmas present. ¬†Each kid in the class wrote a review of a restaurant¬†they were familiar with. ¬†Molly choose Chi’lantro, a regular favorite of ours. ¬†Molly’s review followed the same¬†format followed by most of the other kids. ¬†“Chi’lantro is good. ¬†The parking is okay…” etc. ¬†But it was support sweet, and Molly had some good observations about Chi’lantro. ¬†Way to go, first graders! ¬†BTW, the most popular restaurant was P. Terry’s, which got several independent reviews.