OMG Slime!

Claire’s ongoing¬†slime-creation project has finally yielded the perfect slime, thanks primarily to Sta Flo liquid starch, which works so much better than Borax. ¬†This slime is gooey and stretchy and never wears out or sticks. ¬†Plus it’s sparkly and just the right color.

Now that we have lots of slime, Claire and I just sit and play with it for long stretches.  We roll it out into perfect sheets using a ruler to get the edges straight, then roll the sheet up into a perfect slime cannoli, and then Рand this is the topper Рwe cut the slime cannoli right down the middle with scissors.  Somehow the inside has a little different color and is extra gooey.

The ultimate relaxation for Claire and me is to just mess with the slime while watching Last Week Tonight.  John Oliver just kills us.  Claire is really into Last Week Tonight, or any other political/comedy combination such as Saturday Night Live.  So political comedy combined with slime is just the ultimate luxury.  Pure heaven.

Molly likes slime alright and can tolerate political comedy, but her obsession is still Rayman Legends on the PlayStation 4. ¬†Molly is getting incredibly good at this game. ¬†Molly plays Rayman while Claire and I do slime and TV. ¬†We could spend all day like this. ¬†Luckily, we usually only spend Sunday evenings this way as a way to wind down the weekend. ¬†We all get so relaxed and zoned in that¬†don’t want to disrupt our leisure activities. ¬†We become slime / TV zombies and then scurry off to bed, a little upset that the day is ending.