Any School Nurse

Today I set Molly up with a new keyboard and mouse for her MacBook at the little desk in her room. She said the liked the mouse and then started played with the keyboard. It was a little “clickier” that what she was used to.

Her face immediately lit up, and she rolled out a pretty great joke…

“Hey, Dad. What do I sound like?” she said as she clicked continually on the new, loud keyboard.

“I don’t know. A kid typing?” I said.

“No,” she said. “Any school nurse.” Then she giggled a lot, as did I.

“Hey, Dad. Go outside and come back in,” she said, gesturing towards the door.

When I cam back, Molly greeted me as a nurse. “What is bothering you today, honey?” I told her I had a scraped knee. She continued to type loudly.

“Okay, let me see what we can do about that,” and turned toward her web browser to type something in.

Then she whispered to me, “Dad, look what I’m searching.”

She had typed in the Google search field, “what is a nurse.” πŸ˜†

Good one, Molly. πŸ‘

Cosmic Walk

Hey, I got a decent pic of both girls today. ☺️

We strolled up to Cosmic Coffee (and Beer Garden). We’re trying to get out for regular walks to prepare for our trip to Ireland later this year. “We’re going to be waling all around Dublin, so let’s get our legs ready,” I told them. Luckily, they were pretty enthusiastic about walking. Bonus: the Texas heat will make walking around Ireland seem like a literal cake walk.

Also, Molly wanted to try out iced tea since she had enjoyed some stevia-based tea at home. But she was not terribly impressed with unsweet green hibiscus tea, describing it as “bitter”. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

Chillin’ Claire

I walked into my office today and found Claire totally chilling on my little office couch.

I just thought it was a cute pic and captured a nice moment of cuddly Claire doing her thing. ☺️

Molly’s First Web Page

Molly just started a web development course and created her very first web page.

The web page is called “All About Me”, is written in pure HTML, and says a lot about our little coder. πŸ€“

Molly’s first website

I helped her with an edit. She said, “Ohh ok thanks. I may be asking a lot of questions on HTML. I hope you dont mind!” So sweet! And of course I don’t mind. πŸ˜›