Summer Wrap Up

Summer break 2015 has come to a close. ¬†School starts on Monday. ¬†Claire and I were reflecting that summer break is such a strange amount of time, 11 weeks. ¬†It is just enough time to get settled into a routine and then get jarred out of that routine again when¬†school starts back up. ¬†It’s too long and too short at the same time.

Fun ideas, yes. But most were not pursued.

This year we went with a full-time summer nanny.  With both Claire and Molly off of school, and a lack of enthusiasm for summer camps from Claire, a summer nanny made more sense than a bunch of camps times two different kids.  So the girls hung out with Anna most of the day, and our after-school nanny Sarah took over for the 3-6 pm shift, although there was a to of adjusting week by week.

The girls love to just hang out at home and spent most of their days doing just that. ¬†Claire and Molly¬†have a really good thing going and can play with each other for hours both inside and outside¬†in the rain. ¬†They mostly play with MLP and LPS (My Little Ponies and Littlest Pet Shop), making up story after story. ¬†They often record their stories on Claire’s iPad, which she bough with her youtube funds. ¬†They also watch some TV and youtube, and work on projects. ¬†Molly occasionally gets out the Legos or Marble Run, and Claire makes miniatures or shoots some video footage of her own. ¬†Claire did manage to get a couple of videos done, including this one that she worked really hard on. ¬†The girls also spent many, many¬†afternoons at the public pool. ¬†Sadly, most of Claire’s friends were out of town for much of the summer.

This girls did have other big plans for the summer and made a poster full¬†of fun ideas¬†to do. ¬†However, they didn’t make much progress on the ideas. ¬†They only tackled a couple of them. ¬†They seemed to settle into a summer rut and didn’t really expand beyond their comfortably routine after a while. ¬†Well, that is summer, I guess. ¬†It will be good for them to get back into the school routine.


Nanny Time

This time of year is challenging for child care. ¬†Claire and Molly are still on summer¬†break, but¬†our summer nanny is done for the summer and back at¬†college. ¬†So the kids are left with “random nannies” from a service plus our reliable afternoon nanny, Sarah. ¬†We had¬†two morning-of¬†nanny cancellations this week to make things even more complicated.

This week’s nannies were Nicole, Kristen, Ashley, Mayli, and Sarah.

Claire and Molly don’t seem to mind having a different person coming to take care of them every day. ¬†My hat is off to them for their openness and adaptability.