Independence (from toothlessness) Day

Kit was holding Molly while waiting in line for some coffee before heading out for a very short jaunt to the lake to get Molly at least a little outside time today. Kit was just standing there talking to me when she said, “Ouch!” Someone had bitten her finger. That someone, of course, was our little Molly, who had sprung her first tooth! It’s a tiny little number in the center of her bottom gum. It’s not much to look at, but apparently it can do some damage, as Kit’s finger will attest.

Cake Gun

Tonight Claire was talking about guns for some reason, saying that we are never supposed to play with them…. Not pretend guns, not real guns. I am not sure where she picked this up since I have not really had a gun safety talk with her before, but she was adamant about it, and I fully supported her position.

Then she did change her tune bit and said, holding out her finger, “But I have a nice pretend gun. This one shoots birthday cake.” She then paused and added, “And it doesn’t make you dead.” That last part sounded kind of scary, but it really was a nice sentiment phrased in a uniquely four-year-old way.