Molly’s First Day of School (Ever!)

Today was Molly’s first day of school. Of course, Molly was unaware of this exciting milestone.

Kit’s mom, Claire, Molly, and I all piled in the car this morning and headed off to school together. Molly is still adjusting to car rides and complained (ie, cried) a bit on the way to school.

Per the teacher’s suggestion, we dropped Claire off first at her class and then headed across the parking lot to the “small building” where the baby Chicks have their classroom. I had been taking Molly along to drop off Claire for a couple of weeks now, and Claire was still so proud to show off her baby sister to anyone who would look, including other kids, parents, and teachers. Yes, everyone in Claire’s class already knew Molly, and many were still fascinated by the sweet little baby in the car seat.

When we first arrived at the small building and set Molly down in the Chick’s room in her car seat, a big baby named Bobby showed up immediately to investigate. Once we got Molly out, he tried to climb into, or maybe tip over, her car seat. The teachers laughed and said that was Bobby.

The teachers suggested putting Molly in “the pool”, which is a round padded area in a sunny corner of the room. The main point of the pool is that is has short padded walls a few inches tall, so she is somewhat protected from Bobby and the like. We laid Molly down in the pool, and she did not complain a bit. She was immediately transfixed by all the neat stuff to look at. There were big windows with curly trees right outside, toys and mirrors in the pool, and interesting sounds from a few other babies.

We dropped off Molly’s milk, formula, bottles, diapers, diaper cream, extra clothes, pacifier, etc. We also filled out Molly’s daily note stating when she had woken up and eaten this morning. Then it was time to go, but it felt weird just leaving her there. Molly did not seem to mind or even notice. She was just looking around happily un her little corner. Still, we hung around a few minutes to make sure everything was okay. And everything stayed okay. So off we went, feeling a little weird, but without notice.

That afternoon when we picked Molly up, they said she had a great day. She did a lot of cooing and sleeping, and she loved to watch the other babies. I think Molly is in good hands and probably having more fun at school than at home.

Everyone’s Wiped Out

Everybody is pretty wiped out lately.

Kit fell asleep last night in Claire’s bed after reading Claire her bedtime story. She did the same exact thing today after reading Claire her afternoon nap story.

For her part, Claire took her nap from 3:00 pm to 6:15 today, when we had to wake her up for dinner.

Molly spends the vast majority of her day either sleeping or trying to get to sleep.

I am also wiped out, but I never take naps. I had Moly during Claire’s nap today, and while I did not fall asleep, I did end up laying down with Molly just relaxing for a while, maybe 20 minutes. When I checked the clock, it turned out to be nearly two hours. Hell, maybe I did fall asleep.

Sister’s Portrait

Claire asked me for a blank sheet of paper today, then ran off to her room with the paper and a purple marker.  She emerged about 15 minutes later to hand me the paper, explaining, “See?  It’s Molly!”

Wow!  I did not expect to recognize a real image of Molly, but there she is.  You can see a very clear face in the middle.  I am not sure what the other stuff is.  Maybe blankets, diapers, etc?  Anyways, that face is amazing.  Seriously, that is what Molly really looks like when she is tired.