A Very COVID Thanksgiving

If you had asked me a year ago if I wanted to spend all of Thanksgiving week locked down at home with the kids, not seeing any family or friends all week, I would have said, “Uh… no.” But things have changed. The girls and I had a pretty amazing pandemic Thanksgiving to ourselves.

It was so good, in fact, that I forgot to take any pictures of the kids, so this is going to be a mostly photo-free post. 😉

For nine days, we all chilled and barely left the house. The kids got lots of rest and down time. I worked most days, and the girls settled into a relaxed groove alternating between relaxing for a while, and then hanging out for a while. 🤔

At the end of the week, I asked the girls if they ever got bored. “Yesss!” they both said in unison. “But it was good!”

A few highlights:

  • Molly set up a pillow fort in her room dedicated to reading Fever 1793.
  • We had some seriously crazy games of Uno. I didn’t know that game could get so crazy. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • We watched Jojo Rabbit, an astonishingly beautiful, sad, and funny movie about a Nazi youth. 🙃 I assured the girls ahead of time that it was heartwarming, made fun of those stupid Nazis, and it even had a funny Hitler. 🤔
  • We played some Among Us and had some good laughs.
  • I took a walk with Claire during which we exclusively discussed nuclear power and radiation poisoning. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • The girls discovered the joys of my PC and worked out a peaceful PC-sharing system. I did not have to get involved. ✌️
  • Claire and I joked a lot about the “most definitely” Roblox guy on Twitch. 😆

I told Molly I was going to have to serve 81 meal portions over nine days, if you could three meals a day for all three of us. That is a lot! I told her I thought we could get that down to 54 portions if we all just skip one meal a day. “Noooo nooo! No!” Molly said. “You’re trying to trick us!” 😆

So we cooked a lot.

We made our favorite “Very-aki” chicken from memory. We made what Claire described as a “modern Mexican Thanksgiving meal”. Between the apple crumble dessert and making Claire’s apple birthday cake, we peeled, cored, and shredded 6 pounds of apples. 😮

Best Thanksgiving ever!

Note the “most definitely” that Claire added to the wall chalkboard. 😆

Most Definitely

Claire’s been following this dude on Twitch who does Roblox stuff. Claire cracks up because he always says, “Yeah, yeah, most definitely.” It’s never just yes and no. The negative counterpart is, “Absolutely not.” Claire is compiling a montage of this.

Claire and I say “most definitely” to each other way too much. Like if I say, “Claire, are you ready for dinner?”, she will respond, “Yeah, yeah, most definitely. I’ll be right over.” 😆

The funniest part was when we were all planning to watch Schitt’s Creek as a family and Claire had to pass. She texted me from upstairs.

By the way, Molly’s official stance is, “I don’t like most definitely.” When asked to explain further, she says, “It’s just so annoying.” 🤷🏻‍♂️

Among Us

Both Molly and Claire recently discovered the game Among Us. They showed me how to play, and pulled me into some games.

Most of the real action is in chatting to figure out who the imposter is. Here’s a sample of us goofing off. In this chat, Molly is “Millie” and I’m “TheSuit”. 😆