Molly’s new nickname is Sidewalk. ¬†Molly apparently came up with the name herself,¬†maybe¬†due to an¬†accident or miscommunication, but anyways the name sticks. ¬†It really suits her. ¬†Molly has embraced the nickname Sidewalk for the most part, but don’t over-use it or she will tell you her name is not Sidewalk, but Molly.

Molly on the sidewalk
Sidewalk on the sidewalk
Sad Molly
Just don’t overuse her nickname

Pumpkin Time

We had been trying to get to the pumpkin patch to get some Halloween pumpkins (and take some pictures) for a while.  A twice-canceled birthday party provided us that opportunity today.  Here are the pics.

Claire and Molly at the pumpkin patch  Claire and Molly as a scarecrow and a pumpkin

Molly’s First Homework Assignment

This is a picture of Molly by her first real homework assignment.  Her job was to put together a family tree.  Molly was initially excited about the project but got tired of it after a while, as expressed in this picture.  Our sparse family tree provided plenty of extra space to decorate with random stickers, which Molly carefully arranged.

A Song For Timmy Bob… Bob

A few days ago, Claire and Molly were discussing rock n’ roll versus pop music. ¬†Molly said some song from a Disney movie was rock n’ roll, and Claire no, that was pop. ¬†Then Claire said, “This is rock n’ roll…” and proceeded to ad lib a weird song about someone named “Timmy Bob Bob”. ¬†The song had with power chords (yes, very rock n’ roll) and a chorus¬†of “I love you, I love you!”.

The song just killed me, and Claire repeated it many more time over the next few days.  I eventually caught one on video so you can enjoy it too.

There has not yet been any explanation for the name “Timmy Bob Bob”, and no, it is not “Jimmy Bob Bob”, says Claire.

Update on Claire’s MLP Channel

Screenshot of Claire's MLP channel
Claire’s MLP channel

Claire’s started her own My Little Pony channel on YouTube back in June. ¬†She now has 14 MLP videos published, mostly original stories, plus some of her opening newly bought toys (along the lines of Bin’s Toy Bin). ¬†I am really proud of Claire for pursuing her passion and showing the¬†dedication to create¬†14 videos.

Now that Claire has started school, she is concerned about getting new content onto her channel. ¬†She doesn’t want to keep her fans waiting. ¬†But she spends most of her weekday afternoons on homework and doesn’t have much extra time. ¬†With what little time is left, she is torn between filming MLP videos for YouTube and watching other people’s MLP videos.

Claire does has footage filmed for six more videos. ¬†She waiting for me¬†to edit them and upload them to YouTube. ¬†The issue here is that these¬†six videos amount to roughly 40 clips, all mixed up in iMovie. ¬†I told Claire I would need to dedicate “half a day” to getting them all straightened out and published. ¬†I hope I am exaggerating.