Mornings at Mozart’s

I love school drop-off mornings — when we get to hang out at Mozart’s before school.

Claire and I have about an hour get a drink (an iced mocha and a cold brew, please) after dropping off Molly. We share memes or talk about the universe. The multiverse has been a major topic lately. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Then we usually settle into Claire playing Genshin on her iPhone and me working on my laptop before heading out and starting the day for real.

It’s a fun way to start the day. 😊

Galaxy Squad!

Inspired by her sister’s early (and quite lucky) success on YouTube, Molly decided to go ahead and start her own YouTube channel. She’s old enough now to be like, “I’m just going to do this, thank you very much.” After some initial basic help from me, she figured out almost everything on her own. 🤯 Here is her premier video, a silent Roblox screencast.

I was curious to see how serious Molly was about her YouTube channel. Now, four months into this experiment, she has amazed me!

Like a true productivity expert, Molly has set mini-goals for herself. For example, “post three videos” or “get 10 subscribers”. I love that she intuitively knew to tackle her progress in small chunks like that!

At this point, Molly has 27 videos posted on her channel! The newer ones have sound. They have captions. They are nicely edited. And I helped her with none of them. I’m really proud of Molly for sticking with this.

Her videos are all about video gamer screen captures.

Favorites include her voice reveal (a major milestone), a Roblox surprise, plenty of Among Us gameplay, and even a public health announcement emploring kids to wear a mask when they go back to school. 😷 ☺️ (Also, get a flu shot.)

Most of Molly’s videos get only a handful or views and likes, or in some cases none at all. But she still sticks with it. She’s capped out at 31 followers and brainstorming ways to get more viewers.

Love it! Way to go, Molly! 😀

A Very COVID Thanksgiving

If you had asked me a year ago if I wanted to spend all of Thanksgiving week locked down at home with the kids, not seeing any family or friends all week, I would have said, “Uh… no.” But things have changed. The girls and I had a pretty amazing pandemic Thanksgiving to ourselves.

It was so good, in fact, that I forgot to take any pictures of the kids, so this is going to be a mostly photo-free post. 😉

For nine days, we all chilled and barely left the house. The kids got lots of rest and down time. I worked most days, and the girls settled into a relaxed groove alternating between relaxing for a while, and then hanging out for a while. 🤔

At the end of the week, I asked the girls if they ever got bored. “Yesss!” they both said in unison. “But it was good!”

A few highlights:

  • Molly set up a pillow fort in her room dedicated to reading Fever 1793.
  • We had some seriously crazy games of Uno. I didn’t know that game could get so crazy. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • We watched Jojo Rabbit, an astonishingly beautiful, sad, and funny movie about a Nazi youth. 🙃 I assured the girls ahead of time that it was heartwarming, made fun of those stupid Nazis, and it even had a funny Hitler. 🤔
  • We played some Among Us and had some good laughs.
  • I took a walk with Claire during which we exclusively discussed nuclear power and radiation poisoning. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • The girls discovered the joys of my PC and worked out a peaceful PC-sharing system. I did not have to get involved. ✌️
  • Claire and I joked a lot about the “most definitely” Roblox guy on Twitch. 😆

I told Molly I was going to have to serve 81 meal portions over nine days, if you could three meals a day for all three of us. That is a lot! I told her I thought we could get that down to 54 portions if we all just skip one meal a day. “Noooo nooo! No!” Molly said. “You’re trying to trick us!” 😆

So we cooked a lot.

We made our favorite “Very-aki” chicken from memory. We made what Claire described as a “modern Mexican Thanksgiving meal”. Between the apple crumble dessert and making Claire’s apple birthday cake, we peeled, cored, and shredded 6 pounds of apples. 😮

Best Thanksgiving ever!

Note the “most definitely” that Claire added to the wall chalkboard. 😆

Among Us

Both Molly and Claire recently discovered the game Among Us. They showed me how to play, and pulled me into some games.

Most of the real action is in chatting to figure out who the imposter is. Here’s a sample of us goofing off. In this chat, Molly is “Millie” and I’m “TheSuit”. 😆

1000 Tickets!

Molly totally earned 1000 tickets on the game Pirate’s Hook at Pinballz Arcade today.  Molly and I work as a team.  She times the fishing pole while I reel in the fish as quickly as possibly.   We’ve can usually came away with 20-30 tickets in a solid round.

But today Molly hit the jackpot and got the golden crab for 1000 tickets.  I couldn’t believe it!


We earned a total of 1400 tickets for the day.  Molly, with her usual patience, chose a bag of Haribo Happy Cola gummies at a cost 300 tickets for today.  She decided to save the remaining 1100 tickets for a lava lamp next time we come, probably in a few months.

Claire missed the action because she was hanging out at Susie’s today, recovering from our Dads’ Spring Break trip.

Molly and the Dominoes

My parents were visiting this weekend, and Molly, Claire, my dad, and I went down to to the clubhouse to read and do homework.  Molly found some dominoes in the game cabinet, so we gave it a try.  This was Molly’s first turn with dominoes.  Molly, my dad, and I played a few rounds while Claire did homework.  Molly loved dominoes and made up her own nonsensical rules.  We also played the standard rules.  The game was fun but surprising easy and lacking in strategy or really any surprises at all.  Are we playing this right?

Super Mario Sister

Molly is super into Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo DS that she got from Santa for Christmas.  She got to level three all by herself and was very appreciative when I helped her get to level 4.  Somehow the Nintendo DS is the perfect handheld for Molly at this age.  There is no internet, no texting, no email.  Just fun, solid gameplay that she can handle.  Way to go, Santa!