Galaxy Squad!

Inspired by her sister’s early (and quite lucky) success on YouTube, Molly decided to go ahead and start her own YouTube channel. She’s old enough now to be like, “I’m just going to do this, thank you very much.” After some initial basic help from me, she figured out almost everything on her own. 🀯 Here is her premier video, a silent Roblox screencast.

I was curious to see how serious Molly was about her YouTube channel. Now, four months into this experiment, she has amazed me!

Like a true productivity expert, Molly has set mini-goals for herself. For example, “post three videos” or “get 10 subscribers”. I love that she intuitively knew to tackle her progress in small chunks like that!

At this point, Molly has 27 videos posted on her channel! The newer ones have sound. They have captions. They are nicely edited. And I helped her with none of them. I’m really proud of Molly for sticking with this.

Her videos are all about video gamer screen captures.

Favorites include her voice reveal (a major milestone), a Roblox surprise, plenty of Among Us gameplay, and even a public health announcement emploring kids to wear a mask when they go back to school. 😷 ☺️ (Also, get a flu shot.)

Most of Molly’s videos get only a handful or views and likes, or in some cases none at all. But she still sticks with it. She’s capped out at 31 followers and brainstorming ways to get more viewers.

Love it! Way to go, Molly! πŸ˜€

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