Galaxy Squad!

Molly decided to start her own YouTube channel back in July. I helped her basically get her account set up, and she just figured out how to capture and update the video mostly on her own. 🤯 Here is her premier video, a silent Roblox screencast.

I was curious to see how dedicated she was to this YouTube channel. Did she just want to post something to say she did it? Or would she keep going?

The answer is here. Four months later, she has 27 videos posted on her account! They have sound. They have captions. They are nicely edited. I helped her with none of them. I’m really proud of Molly for sticking with this.

Most of Molly’s videos get only a handful or views and likes, if any. But she still sticks with it. She says she’s trying to grow her audience, but she’s capped out at 31 followers. She’s brainstorming ways to get more viewers, but she’s happy with 31.

Her videos have a lot of content. They include a much anticipated voice reveal, a Roblox surprise, plenty of Among Us gameplay, and even a public health announcement emploring kids to wear a mask when they go back to school. 😷 ☺️ (Also, get a flu shot.)

Love it! Way to go, Molly! 😀

A Very COVID Thanksgiving

If you had asked me a year ago if I wanted to spend all of Thanksgiving week locked down at home with the kids, not seeing any family or friends all week, I would have said, “Uh… no thanks.”. But things have changed, and the girls and I had a pretty amazing pandemic Thanksgiving to ourselves.

It was so good, in fact, that I forgot to take any pictures of the kids, so this is going to be a text-mostly post. 😉

For nine days, we all chilled and barely left the house. The kids got lots of rest and down time. I worked most of the days, and the girls settled into a relaxed groove alternating between relaxing and hanging out. 🤷🏻‍♂️

At the end of the week, I asked the girls if they ever got bored. “Yesss!” they both said in unison. “But it was good!”

A few highlights:

  • Molly set up a pillow fort in her room and settled in to read Fever 1793.
  • We had some seriously crazy games of Uno.
  • We watched Jojo Rabbit, an astonishingly beautiful, sad, and funny movie about a Nazi youth. 🤷🏻‍♂️ I assured the girls it was heartwarming and really anti-Nazi. 👍
  • We played some Among Us and had some good laughs.
  • I took a walk with Claire during which we exclusively discussed nuclear power and radiation poisoning. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • The girls discovered the joys of my PC and worked out a peaceful PC-sharing system. I did not have to get involved. ✌️
  • Claire and I joked a lot about the “most definitely” Roblox guy on Twitch. 😆

And we cooked a lot.

We made our favorite “Very-aki” chicken from memory. Molly tested me on that. We made what Claire described as a “modern Mexican Thanksgiving meal”. And between the apple crumble dessert and making Claire’s apple birthday cake, we peeled, cored, and shredded 6 pounds of apples. 😮

Best Thanksgiving ever!

Note the “most definitely” that Claire added to the wall chalkboard. 😆

Mask smells

Molly noted the following on the way into school today.

My mask smells like onions.

This pandemic is getting old. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Among Us

Both Molly and Claire love the new trending game Among Us. They showed me how to play and pulled me into some games.

The most fun part of it is chatting. Here’s a sample of us goofing off. Molly is Millie and I’m TheSuit. 😆

Just Like Mendl’s

Claire and I love the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel. We’ve watched it together a few times over the years. We’re kind of obsessed with everything in it, including the pastry from Mendl’s called a Courtesan au Chocolat.

The movie’s “extras” includes instructions for making the infamous Courtesan au Chocolat. Instead of just idly watching these tantalizing instructions, we decided to do it. Let’s make and taste a Courtesan au Chocolat!

It’s the perfect pandemic lockdown activity. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Claire did almost the entire recipe herself. The kitchen was a mess, but the result was amazing. It’s a perfect, slightly sweet little pastry. It tastes even better than we expected. And way to go, Claire, on making this happen! 😀👍😋

Molly Rides a Bike!

After a few years of on-and-off attempts to ride a bike, Molly is finally doing it!

Molly got a ride-behind bike for her birthday and got a little experience pedaling with me around the neighborhood and even across town. And then she got inspired to try riding on her own. I was a little skeptical this was going to work, but Molly was determined to make it work.

Here are the results of a little trial and error on Alpine Road. Here is footage of literally the first time Molly really rode her bike on her own. 😄

I was so excited, I kept saying stuff like “Molly, I’m so proud of you. This morning you couldn’t ride a bike, and now you can!” or “This is the start of a whole new thing for you!”. And Molly basically told me to calm down. “Dad, every day hundreds or kids learn to ride a bike.” 😂 But you could tell she was proud.

Here’s some footage from a week later once she’s really got it down.

Two Tortillas, and I’m Good

Molly’s current favorite meal is two tortillas from Taco Cabana. This “meal” fills her up for hours.

And she does not want anything else. Beans? No, thanks. Rice? Nope. Beef fajita tacos? God, no.

Water on the side, maybe. She’s a monk.