A Post About Posters

A Post About Posters

Posters on Molly's wall
Molly’s wall adorned with posters of her heroes.

Molly has decided to decorate the wall on her side of the room with posters. ¬†It started when the girls’ nanny Jackie helped Molly and Claire make a big crayon drawing of¬†the own names. ¬†Molly and Claire both immediately wanted to mount it on the¬†wall above their beds.

After this, Molly was inspired. ¬†She scrounged up some posters that came with some of her books, some of her favorite characters. ¬†There are the standard Disney princesses and The Pigeon. ¬†We’ve been really into the Mo Willems “Pigeon” books. ¬†They are short and really fun to read in silly voices. ¬†Molly even does an amazing little tiny voice for¬†the little tiny chick in¬†The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog. ¬†Anyways, The Pigeon is a funny bird and a bit of a troublemaker. ¬†And now he takes his place along side the princesses on Molly’s wall.

Claire is sticking with just her name poster for now. ¬†I told Claire that in a few years, she and Molly¬†would be putting up Justin Bieber posters. ¬†Claire was horrified. ¬†“Whaaat?!?! ¬†No way, Dad!!!” is all she could say. ¬†I hope she is right.

The Cat in the Hat

The Cat in the Hat

Kit took Molly to see a live performance of The Cat in the Hat at the Zach Theater.  I took Claire to a birthday party at the same time.  It sounds like The Cat in the Hat was very cool.  They acted out all the crazy balancing of objects, Thing 1 and Thing 2, the whole nine yards.  Molly loved it and got to meet the cast afterwards.  Here are some photos.

Favorite Books #5

Favorite Books #5

It has been a while since the last favorite books entry on this blog, so here we go…

harry_potter_and_the_prisoner_of_azkabanFor bedtime stories, Claire has been reading the Harry Potter series almost every night for months now. ¬†We just finished up book #3,¬†Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. ¬†Claire loves the HP series and has a tendency to think it is real. ¬†Occasionally she even insists that it is real, a non-function book as she put it once. ¬†Each time we finish reading a book, we get to rent the movie afterwards. ¬†After watching one of the movies, Claire said, “Do you think that is what it really looked like?” ¬†She seems to understand that the movies are just movies but thinks they are based on real events. ¬†We have stressed to Claire that the stories are made up by J.K. Rowling, a nice, ¬†talented writer from England. ¬†One time I showed Claire an interview of J.K. Rowling on The Daily Show just to drive home the point that this is all made up by¬†this one lady, and there she is. ¬†Claire seems to understand rationally that the story is actually fiction, but it also just seems real to her. ¬†That must make the stories very vivid for her.

For the sake of mixing things up a bit, we are trying Nancy Drew mystery series now.  Claire is luke warm on Nancy Drew.  She says it is alright, but it is just not as exciting as Harry Potter.


We also listen to the Ramona Quimby audiobook collection every day after school, while driving to pick up Molly.  Listening to Ramona stories peacefully in the car with Claire after a hard day of work is a highlight of every day for me.  I really look forward to those 20-30 minutes.

As for Molly…

734645Molly has more variety than Claire at the moment. ¬†It is hard to pin down a favorite. ¬†She can pick three books to take to bed each night, and usually they are different. ¬†Lately, though, one of the three is almost always one of the big Harry Potter books. ¬†This is surprising since Molly cannot read and the books have no pictures except for the cover and the start of each chapter. ¬†But Molly seems to enjoy the pure physicality of the Harry Potter books and insists on saving her place with a bookmark every night. ¬†Molly also loves Claire’s school yearbook from last year (kindergarten). ¬†She loves to look at all the kids and teachers, some of whom she knows. ¬†The third book is the wildcard. ¬†A long-running favorite is Dr. Seuss’¬†Big Green Book of Beginner Books. ¬†She keeps a bookmark as she works her way through this book too. ¬†She likes any Dr. Seuss book, of course, but this big one is her favorite. ¬†Basically, she likes big hardback books. ¬†Molly also enjoys pop-up books such as a Peter Rabbit pop-up that we have. ¬†She also enjoys some cute little books such as the square¬†Little Miss and Mr. Men books by¬†Roger Hargreaves and the occasional book about potty training.

Happy Birthday, America!

Happy Birthday, America!

Happy 4th of July!Independence Day fell on a Wednesday this year, and we all had the day off from school and work.  Having a holiday on Wednesday threw everyone off a bit.  I though it was Saturday and started sprinkling the yard in the morning, Saturday being the only day we can legally use the sprinkler in Austin.  Five minutes later, I realized it was Wednesday and had to run out and shut off the water.

Kit also thought it was Saturday, which is odd when you think about it, since she will be flying out of town with the girls on Saturday, to go visit Grammy and Granddaddy in Washington state.  If it really were Saturday, then Kit would have been scrambling pretty hard to make the plane.  It was that kind of day.

Claire thought it was the weekend too and was a bit surprised that she had to go to school for the next two days.

At dinner, we discussed how it would be cool of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln could have met each other, and they probably would have liked each other a lot. ¬†George and Abe are subjects of two of Claire’s favorite books lately: Young George Washington: America’s First President¬†and Young Abe Lincoln: The Log Cabin President. ¬†Claire likes when young Abe leaves footprints on the ceiling of the log cabin, as a joke on his step mother. ¬†These gentlemen are also subjects of my occasional outbursts of admiration around the house, especially when reading a history book on the topic. ¬†Boy, did those guys have trouble, and boy, did they take care of business.

For her part, Molly was also excited about the Fourth of July. ¬†At dinner, Molly chimed in loudly, “Happy birthday, America! ¬†Way to go! ¬†Flag!!!” ¬†Then she smiled proudly at the rest of the family as we laughed at her “flag” comment.

It was a good day, and although the fireworks were too late for the girls to see, we did enjoy a nice, slow day all together, even if half of it involved dragging the girls around on errands the big trip to Washington, which they are super excited about.  We even finished off the day with steak, watermelon, and an evening walk.  Way to go!  Flag!

Favorite Books #4

Favorite Books #4

Here is the latest update in the ongoing favorite books series…

The Cat in the Hat
The Cat in the Hat

Molly has been enjoying the classics.  She went through a big Cat in the Hat phase.  This one is really fun to read if you add the full dramatic flair, with silly voices and dramatic pauses.  It also takes a long time to read if you do it right, so we often have to skip over the “middle bit”, i.e. the middle 1/3 of the book, since this book tends to get Molly late to bed.

Harry the Dirty Dog
Harry the Dirty Dog

Molly has also been enjoying Harry the Dirty Dog.  She likes this one in particular because the book itself was Kit’s when she was a little girl.  When Kit first told Molly that the book had been hers when she was small, Molly got a really surprised look on her face, sort of a “Holy s**t!” look, as Kit tells me.  Molly may have been taken aback that Kit was ever a little girl.  We have another, newer copy of this book too, and Molly insists that one was my book when I was little.  This is actually not true, and I have told Molly that it was not my book, but Molly shrugs this news off.  It was my book according to her view of the world.

Kit normally reads Molly her bedtime story, so she might have more to add.  Molly also been enjoying Ladybug Girl at the Beach, which was actually a gift to Claire from her aunt Betsy.  Claire read it once or twice and moved on, but Molly really loves this story about a girl playing around at the beach with her dog and family and conquering her fear of the water.

Claire has been mostly checking out non-fiction animal books from the school library.  We covered lions for a while, thanks to the movie The Lion King, which made lions look cute and fun.  But Claire has turned away from lions a bit lately after realizing that they are really more ferocious and dangerous than cute.  “I don’t like lions any more.  They’re mean and gross.”, I think she said.  This realization came after she saw a picture of a lion holding a dead, limp animal in its bloody mouth.  Claire has since then been focusing on dolphins, which really are cute and sweet.  They save people’s lives and fight sharks, which really is cool.

We also try to get Claire to read her own lithe books that she takes home from school as reading assignments.  Claire is usually too tired to read on her own, though, and just can’t seem to focus at the late hour right before bed.  So we are trying to find another time for her to read to us, but it is tough to find the time on a weekday.

Recently, Claire has come up with a new idea for bedtime stories.  Instead of a story, she said the other night, “why don’t we just cuddle and talk for a while?”  Sure, why not?  The whole idea is just to help her relax and top off the day before going to bed.  The first night she said, “What should we talk about?  Moats?”  We had been talking about moats, her idea, for a few days.  We had mostly exhausted the topic, but we quickly reviewed our knowledge of moats, and then went on to Q&A.  We covered each other’s favorite colors and a couple of other basics.  Among other things, we covered Claire’s latest career plans.

Besides Q&A, Claire decided that we should make up stories to tell each other.  Each night she would make up a story such as “Elizabeth and the magic sock” or “Lilly and the magic jellybean”.  These stories are cute but tend to ramble on and go in circles for quite a while, either because she cannot figure out how to end the story or because she is trying to put off bedtime, or probably a little bit of both.  (Claire is also writing and illustrating a book called “Candy Land”, or “Kandi Land” as she has written it with her growing writing skills.)  After Claire’s story, Kit or I have to make up a story.  Mine usually end up with pirates on a ship, or talking food, for some reason.  And mine tend to ramble on too because it’s actually really hard to find a good conclusion to a story that you’re just making up on the spot.  Really hard.  I kind of want to go back to reading someone else’s stories!

Favorite Books #3

Favorite Books #3

Here is the latest installment of the favorite books series…

Molly loves her Elmo sticker book. ¬†For a while, she refused to go anywhere without it. ¬†“I want my Elmo book”, was commonly heard, especially just before leaving the house. ¬†She would sit and study it in the car for long spells, such as the recent trip to Houston.

Elmo Book
The Elmo book
Molly Elmo Book
Molly engrossed in her Elmo book

Molly also spent quite a while absorbed in an issue of Austin Family magazine, which we happened to bring home from some restaurant or the like.  She would love to look over the pages for bedtime, labeling all the things in its pages, a mommy, some vegetables, a ball, swimming.  She really loved this magazine!

Austin Family magazine

At the moment, Molly’s favorite book is definitely the classic of classics,¬†The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss. ¬†This is Kit’s and my favorite too. ¬†It is lots of fun to read, really an amazing book. ¬†This “Dr. Seuss” guy has a lot of promise! ¬†The Cat in the Hat¬† book takes a while to read, though, especially if you take the time necessary to read it in a fully fun and dramatic way. ¬†So we usually skip the¬†middle just to get Molly to bed in time!

Claire has been enjoying a variety of books, although no specific book has risen as the unchallenged leader  lately.  She has been somewhat into nonfiction, often inspired by a movie.  She has checked out school library nonfiction books on dolphins (thanks to the movie A Dolphin Tale), lions (thanks to The Lion King), and even a resurgence in books on ancient Egypt (thanks to A Night at the Museum 2).  The lion book was from National Geographic and was sufficiently realistic to be quite gruesome (but still fascinating).  Claire does not like lions as much since reading that book!  Dolphins are still sweet and cute, though.


Most importantly, Claire has also been reading to us more than ever! ¬†She brings home a folder of beginner books from school and takes great pride in reading them to us at bedtime. ¬†She is now reading more complex books with real stories, and not just the sample, repetitive books she started out with. ¬†She is pretty confident with her reading skills and keeps plugging away at tough words and sentences until she figures them out. ¬†And this late in her day when she is most tired. ¬†We’re so proud of her for sticking with it!