Santa’s Helper

SantaLast night when tucking Claire into bed, she sheepishly told me she had a question. ¬†“I heard from Harper and some other kids that maybe Santa Clause gets help from parents. ¬†Is that true?” ¬†I said with a smile, “That’s a secret, I can’t say a word.” ¬†Claire said, “I knew it! ¬†You do help! ¬†It’s a secret! ¬†That means you do help! ” ¬†Claire was smiling ear to ear and was very excited.

I was a little confused at this point. ¬†Why was she so happy and excited? ¬†Isn’t it sort of a let down if the parents “help”? ¬†Then Claire cleared it up. ¬†She asked, “What is Santa like? ¬†Is he nice? ¬†How exactly do you help him?”

I stuck by my vow of secrecy. ¬†Claire had one last question. ¬†“Who decides if the kids are naughty or nice? ¬†Is that Santa or the parents?”

This coming Christmas may be interesting.

This Week in Laundry

laundryThis week’s laundry tells the story of a tough few days.

  • 1 load¬†for Molly vomiting on clothes, blanket, and lovie
  • 1 load¬†for Molly ¬†post-recovery¬†sanitation
  • 2 loads¬†for Claire vomiting
  • 2 loads¬†for Claire ¬†post-recovery sanitation
  • 1 load¬†to clean the giant dog towel after taking Muffin to the groomer
  • 3 loads for Molly urine accidents on car seat
  • 1 load for Muffin urine “accident” on Claire’s bed
  • 1 load of guest sheets
  • 1 load for Claire spilling fruit punch all over the front of her dress at summer camp
  • 1 load of wet swimming gear from Friday evening swimming
  • 1 load¬†for Molly BM accident on swim suit and on a dress at school
  • Plus 3 loads of normal laundry aside from that mixed in with the above

I will refrain from enumerating all the babysitting checks this week from half-day camps and sick days.

DC for July 4

We took our annual-ish trip to Washington DC to see the girls’ aunt Cindy and uncle Tim. ¬†First a few photos…


And a few highlights…

  • After meeting Tim & Cindy for dinner on the first night, once we were back in our rental car, Molly asked, “Who were those people?”
  • We visited the Spy Museum, which was very cool. ¬†Claire was a little freaked out that spies are real and kept asking if they are good guys or bad guys. ¬†The answer: both, but even bad ones leave kids and normal people alone. ¬†Molly liked to push whatever buttons she could find, climb stuff, and watch the James Bond video over and over.
  • Molly was wondering why we sold our car at the Austin airpot, bought a new one at the DC airport, then bought our old one back when we cam back to Austin.
  • We also got to see the Lincoln Memorial, which was Claire’s first choice of sights to see in DC. ¬†She had learned a lot about Lincoln in school and also from talking about history with me and Kit. ¬†Plus, and perhaps most importantly, the Lincoln statue was a featured hero in the movie¬†Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian.
  • We also walked by the White House, but the girls were too hot and tired to enjoy it or even really notice it.
  • Over the course of the 2-day, 3-night trip, we also saw our friend Andrea in¬†Silver Spring, Tim’s and Cindy’s friends near Mt. Vernon, and met our other friends at a Whole Foods in DC.
  • We saw the official National Mall fireworks out the car window as we drove home from Mt. Vernon. ¬†What could be more American?
  • At one point, Claire was in tears asking us to slow things down, as she was getting tired of “freaking around”.
  • Molly was wondering if it was “still America” when we got back to Austin. ¬†It did seem like a lot of trouble to go on that airplane for a long flight and still be in the same country, I guess. ¬†We would later decypher the “still America” thing meant the 4th of July holiday.
  • The day after we got home, the girls were tired and grumpy, but at least they saved it for after the trip.