This Week in Laundry

laundryThis week’s laundry tells the story of a tough few days.

  • 1 load for Molly vomiting on clothes, blanket, and lovie
  • 1 load for Molly  post-recovery sanitation
  • 2 loads for Claire vomiting
  • 2 loads for Claire  post-recovery sanitation
  • 1 load to clean the giant dog towel after taking Muffin to the groomer
  • 3 loads for Molly urine accidents on car seat
  • 1 load for Muffin urine “accident” on Claire’s bed
  • 1 load of guest sheets
  • 1 load for Claire spilling fruit punch all over the front of her dress at summer camp
  • 1 load of wet swimming gear from Friday evening swimming
  • 1 load for Molly BM accident on swim suit and on a dress at school
  • Plus 3 loads of normal laundry aside from that mixed in with the above

I will refrain from enumerating all the babysitting checks this week from half-day camps and sick days.

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