Picnic pic

Here’s a picture of Claire and Molly at an evening picnic we had the other day.

Check the thoughtful looks on their faces. They must have been having a deep moment. ūü§ď

Cooked Pizza is So Last Year

We did make-your-own pizzas pita tonight. ¬†Claire was hosting a sleepover, and make-your-own pizza is always a safe bet. ¬†Molly decided that her cold uncooked pizza looked pretty good and maybe didn’t needing any cooking. ¬†She wanted to eat it raw. ¬†I talked her into cooking some of it and trying the rest raw. ¬†So as her pizza cooked, Molly say down at the table with an oddly shaped¬†pita topped with cold pizza sauce, cold shredded cheese, and cold pepperoni. ¬†She observed that¬†this uncooked cold pizza was extra messy, so she put on some disposable plastic gloves to keep the mess down. ¬†Molly did eat all of her uncooked pizza, and she reports that it was delicious.

Silly Molly

Molly is at a really silly age and does a lot of funny and cute things.  Just in the last month, she has racked up a few pictures that deserve to be featured.  So here is a quick gallery of funny Molly pics.

School Portraits

The girls are looking pretty stylish in their recent school portraits for second grade (Claire) and pre-pre-K (Molly).

Claire school portrait   Molly school portrait

Molly’s sassy pose is a big change from the crying toddler of a couple of years ago.

That’s Quite an Outfit

Molly came home from school in this outfit, a true celebration of unconventional expression, or just strange style, depending on how you look at it.  She got her pants wet and got to choose new pants from her cubby.  She chose these tights, which were sort of accidentally in there to begin with.  The minute I walked in to pick up Molly, the teacher explained to me that Molly had chosen her own outfit.


(By the way, that is the same rainbow shirt that was featured over a year ago in another peculiar outfit.  The shirt was a little too big at the time, but silly looking as always.)

Still feeling unconventional at dinner time, Molly chose to replace her stock dining chair with her own little red one, despite any discomfort is might have caused her.  She stuck with this chair for the whole meal but quietly switched back to the normal chair the next day without a word from anyone.



Wiped Out


Claire has been absolutely wiped out since school started back up after the holidays.  She even took her first nap in years!




I just took this picture of the girls’ bikes because I think they capture their personalities pretty well. ¬†Claire’s bike says, “I am a cute, dignified girl.” ¬†And Molly’s says, “I can do it too!”

Sweeping = Fun

Molly, the sweeping fiend
Molly, the sweeping fiend

As part of Claire’s allowance plan, we all clean up the house together every Sunday morning. ¬†We wanted to include Molly in this activity, both to be fair to Claire and to get Molly in the habit of cleaning too. ¬†At first, Molly was the biggest challenge. ¬†She would basically spend all her time undoing our cleaning. ¬†If we piled books up nice, she would go scatter them around again. ¬†If we put little toys in a drawer, Molly would go get them and put them somewhere else. ¬†Molly was trying to help, but had a little trouble doing it in an optimal way.

Recently, though, we have discovered two things that Molly loves to do.  Her favorite thing is to wipe down the tables.  We spray a little cleaner on the table top, give Molly a damp sponge, and let her go nuts.  She wipes and wipes, continually asking for more cleaner.  The table ends up pretty clean, albeit with a good amount of clean bubbles on the surface.

Molly has also discovered the joy of sweeping.  Once we get a broom out, both girls want a shot at it.  Luckily, we have two kid-friendly brooms.  There is only one dust pan, but Molly is more fond of that than Claire is, as you can see from the picture.