Making Slime (and Tacos!)

Claire has been trying for a few weeks to make the perfect homemade slime. ¬†We’ve used Borax, Elmer’s glue, sprinkle glue, acrylic paint, and anything else you can think of that is slimy. ¬†Today Claire filmed a time-lapse video of her slime experiment while I cooked dinner and Molly played Rayman Legends on the PlayStation 4 in the background. ¬†At the very end of the video, you can see a taco appear in front of Claire, which was the sign for the slime experiment to end and for dinner to begin!

In the video, I used the song Pink Slime¬†by La Luz. ¬†I found the song from the NPR¬†Music’s Austin 100 playlist for SXSW 2015.

Galveston Time Lapse

The girls had lots of fun on the beach in Galveston while waiting for Pleasure Pier to open.  There was no shortage of hermit crabs to scare, and the gulf waters were warm enough to wade in, even right after Christmas!

And thanks to Gordon Colcotte’s song for being almost¬†custom made for this video.

Rope swing

On the way back from Barking Springs, the girls convinced me to do the rope swing into Barton Creek, and Claire got a slow motion video of it.  There was a large turtle nearby, and I was afraid of landing on it or getting snapped by it.  But there was no such trouble.  I think I scared it away since, to the turtle, I was basically a giant monster falling out of the sky.

Molly Takes Some Questions

Molly was in the mood to answer some “tabletop questions”, so we went with it.

Molly covers her inner dialogs, her favorite toys and books, her courageous fight against naps, how she felt about her first day of school, and what she likes about her big sister.

Update on Claire’s MLP Channel

Screenshot of Claire's MLP channel
Claire’s MLP channel

Claire’s started her own My Little Pony channel on YouTube back in June. ¬†She now has 14 MLP videos published, mostly original stories, plus some of her opening newly bought toys (along the lines of Bin’s Toy Bin). ¬†I am really proud of Claire for pursuing her passion and showing the¬†dedication to create¬†14 videos.

Now that Claire has started school, she is concerned about getting new content onto her channel. ¬†She doesn’t want to keep her fans waiting. ¬†But she spends most of her weekday afternoons on homework and doesn’t have much extra time. ¬†With what little time is left, she is torn between filming MLP videos for YouTube and watching other people’s MLP videos.

Claire does has footage filmed for six more videos. ¬†She waiting for me¬†to edit them and upload them to YouTube. ¬†The issue here is that these¬†six videos amount to roughly 40 clips, all mixed up in iMovie. ¬†I told Claire I would need to dedicate “half a day” to getting them all straightened out and published. ¬†I hope I am exaggerating.

Claire’s MLP Video Series

Claire has been wanting to start her own YouTube channel, focused on acting out stories with her My Little Pony toys.  We finally got in online!

Here is the¬†first¬†creation in Claire’s¬†series, which is a story straight from Claire’s imagination with a running time of about 15 minutes. ¬†Claire was the “idea man” in this effort, writing and acting out the concept. ¬†I did the camera work and editing. ¬†Claire has been working on other concepts with her nanny, Jackie.

Claire¬†calls her channel¬†My Little Pony Mysteries and More. ¬†The “mysteries” part refers to her plan to open “blind bags” for some of her videos. ¬†I am hoping to get Claire into stop animation and do some extra cool stuff.

Claire is a huge fan of “collector” channels on YouTube, like¬†Disney Collector and¬†Bin’s Toy Bin. ¬†Forget boring old TV, Claire is glued exclusively to these niche channels (and My Little Pony). ¬†She even sent a fan latter to Bin and hopes it will be read on YouTube next week.

MLP Pool Party

This the very first My Little Pony video created by Claire! ¬†She had worked on the concept for a few days and decided to jump in and do it this afternoon. ¬†Claire’s first lesson learned is to try to find a way to keep her arms out of the camera view as much as possible.

Update (June 20, 2014)

Amazingly, this video has now has 2,071 views!  There are 8 thumbs up and 10 thumbs down.  Claire was a little bumbed about the down votes but has mostly moved on to her newer videos.

By comparison, my own videos for my little app company struggled to get over 100 views.

Update (October 8, 2014)

Wow, this video is up to¬†66,167 views! ¬†We still have no idea how this video got so popular, except that it is the twelfth video listed on youtube when you search for “my little pony pool party”. ¬†Being¬†number 12 on youtube is pretty damn good!

Awkwardly, this video is actually on my own youtube account and¬†is by far my own most popular¬†video. ¬†I have 89¬†subscribers now thanks to¬†Claire’s video. ¬†Judging by¬†their icons, most of my fans¬†are¬†My Little Pony¬†enthusiasts. ¬†