Halloween 2013

A few pictures from this year’s Halloween. ¬†We did trick-or-treating around the neighborhood for a while, then I took Claire to meet up with her friend in her nearby neighborhood while Kit finished up with Molly near our house.

Claire Art #3

For a while, I’ve been posting the girls’ art to the portfolio section of this blog. ¬†But the portfolio is tedious and cumbersome to manage, so I’m going back now to doing the art as a regular blog. ¬†While Kit and I were in London, Joyce scanned our big backlog of the girls’ art. ¬†Here is a bunch of Claire’s art and other creations from the last several months…

Off to London

Kit and I both turned 40 in the last year, and it was our 15th wedding anniversary.  So we decided to celebrate with a week trip together.  Grammy kindly and bravely agreed to watch the kids wile Kit and I ran off to some corner of the world for a week.

Kit and I decided to make the most of this unique opportunity to go pretty much wherever we wanted.  We decided early on to go international.  California, New York, Florida, etc. all sounded great.  But they also sounded like something we could do with the kids.  After some vacilating about where exactly to go, we picked London, beating out Venice and maybe a Caribbean beach resort as the other final contenders.

It was a great trip.  Some details and tons of pictures can be found on a separate post in the new non-kids section.

Back on the home front, Grammy and the girls held up very well while we were gone. ¬†They survived some flooding and the school carnival in Austin. ¬†We got a text message from the girls every day. ¬†Claire, in her messages, always wanted to make sure we were having a good time. ¬†Molly, who apparently thought we were in “Lindon”, went so far as to say, “I hope you come back.”¬† (TODO: attach the messages.) ¬†Grandaddy stayed on the weekends to help out too, especially with the crazy school carnival.

As fun as our trip was, it was really great to see the girls again. ¬†Man, those girls are ridiculously cute and cuddly when you have not seen them in a while. ¬†They greeted us with a big “Welcome home!” sign, plus a happy birthday sign and homemade cake for my birthday. ¬†And there were lots of hugs. ¬†The girls got a treat too. ¬†They really liked the souvenirs we brought home from the British Museum: a glittery Union Jack notebook with matching pen, some “London landmarks” school supplies, some British chocolate coins, plus some leftover real coins.

It would be really fun to take the girls to England one day, but we’ll have to wait a few years to handle the long, cramped ¬†flight, the tedious lines at customs, and the jet lag. ¬†That would not have been fun for anyone right now. ¬†Hopefully we’ll get them to Florida or California one of these days, though.

Many thanks to Grammy for taking great care of the kids for us while we explored the world a bit.

The Last Diaper


Molly is down to her last diaper.  Once this diaper is gone, she will only have the toilet (or her pants) available for her urine and BMs.

It has been a long and winding road getting this point, but Molly is finally pretty much using the potty now, and we do not feel the need to pay Target for any more diapers.

I have not written a whole lot about the long saga of Molly potty training because, frankly, it has been a confusing topic devoid of concrete milestones. ¬†There have been false starts, regressions, and slow progress that you don’t even notice until later. ¬†There was some traction way back in January and February. ¬†But progress has been fuzzy since then, and nothing could really be pinned down to a single event or milestone. ¬†Until now. ¬†The picture to your right is Molly’s very last diaper. ¬†Molly understands this and is even excited about it, at least for now.

Now it’s off to London with Kit while Grammy deals with the consequences for the next week on our behest. ¬†What timing! ¬†ūüėČ