The Last Diaper


Molly is down to her last diaper.  Once this diaper is gone, she will only have the toilet (or her pants) available for her urine and BMs.

It has been a long and winding road getting this point, but Molly is finally pretty much using the potty now, and we do not feel the need to pay Target for any more diapers.

I have not written a whole lot about the long saga of Molly potty training because, frankly, it has been a confusing topic devoid of concrete milestones.  There have been false starts, regressions, and slow progress that you don’t even notice until later.  There was some traction way back in January and February.  But progress has been fuzzy since then, and nothing could really be pinned down to a single event or milestone.  Until now.  The picture to your right is Molly’s very last diaper.  Molly understands this and is even excited about it, at least for now.

Now it’s off to London with Kit while Grammy deals with the consequences for the next week on our behest.  What timing!  😉

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