Last night, Molly kept me up late by asking “What is 1000 divided by 1000?” Or more generally, how does division work? That’s some Dad crack. We worked it out on the chalkboard table. #math #chalkboard #numbers #school #green #austin #texas #atx #shotoniphone #accidentallyartsy #parenting
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New Bedroom!

The girls’ new bedroom is officially done ready, and they’re settled in.  I’m pretty happy with it, and I think they are too.  I was going for stylish yet cozy. 🤷🏻‍♂️  And we retained some of the old Harry Potter theme, namely their Gryffindor (Claire) and Ravenclaw (Molly) throw blankets.

I donated the old bunk bed, which oddly enough they did not love (who doesn’t love bunk beds?).  I painted and assembled that bunk bed on the patio of my old condo in the summer heat of 2016, and now it’s moved on to a better home at Re-Store down the street.molly-jump.jpeg



We discovered some goats at the school down the street.  They’re so friendly and cute!  They’re basically vegetarian dogs.  Now we walk over and visit them form time to time.