Middle School Tour

I took Claire on a tour of a fine arts magnet middle school today. ¬†She’s deciding where to spend her next three years of school. ¬†She’s been leaning towards the¬†regular neighborhood middle school where most of her friend will be going, but she’s considering agent schools, especially the fine art academy. ¬†I was hoping Claire would get do the Digital Arts stem at the fine art academy. ¬†In that program, she would spend 6th grade learning digital photography, 7th grade doing digital moving editing, 8th grade producing a¬†movie. ¬†It makes me want to go back to middle school. ¬†I never thought I;d say that!

After the tour, Claire seemed a little overwhelmed and said yeah, she pretty much wants to go to the normal school.

Indoor Fun Day

With the weather cooling off a bit and making it hard to¬†to spend the day at¬†Barking Springs, and Sno Beach shut down for the season, we’re having to move our weekend fun activities indoors. ¬†Today, we took Claire’s friend Susie to lunch at the always delicious Homeslice Pizza and then off to Pinballz arcade for some indoor fun. ¬†The girls had lot of fun playing ping pong and messing uncooked dough at Homeslice. ¬†And they did a crazy job as a team effort winning tickets at Pinballz, ¬†They won over 3000 tickets, with Susie digging into her own money for tokens after my budget had run out. ¬†They were picking rolls of 500 tickets out of the claw machines at will, and basically emptied one out in a matter of minutes. ¬†With the prize tickets, the girls each got a ping ping gun, plus an inflatable ninja doll and some miscellaneous small toys. ¬†We all went back to my place and had a ping pong gun fight and basically destroyed¬†the place. ¬†We can have fun even when it’s not warm and sunny out!