Indoor Fun Day

With the weather cooling off a bit and making it hard to to spend the day at Barking Springs, and Sno Beach shut down for the season, we’re having to move our weekend fun activities indoors.  Today, we took Claire’s friend Susie to lunch at the always delicious Homeslice Pizza and then off to Pinballz arcade for some indoor fun.  The girls had lot of fun playing ping pong and messing uncooked dough at Homeslice.  And they did a crazy job as a team effort winning tickets at Pinballz,  They won over 3000 tickets, with Susie digging into her own money for tokens after my budget had run out.  They were picking rolls of 500 tickets out of the claw machines at will, and basically emptied one out in a matter of minutes.  With the prize tickets, the girls each got a ping ping gun, plus an inflatable ninja doll and some miscellaneous small toys.  We all went back to my place and had a ping pong gun fight and basically destroyed the place.  We can have fun even when it’s not warm and sunny out!

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