Pre-School Report Card

Molly got a report card from her pre-school today. ¬†It is basically a checklist of core skills for a 3-4 year old. ¬†She did well overall, and this report is the latest¬†indication that Molly has officially¬†“pulled herself together”, as Kit and I like to say. ¬†On the math front, Molly¬†can¬†sort things, group things, count to 23, and identify all the basic shapes except for octagons. ¬†She got all check marks in fine motor for things like cutting with scissors, drawing, doing puzzles (her speciality), and even pouring water from¬†a pitcher. ¬†Language was good too, with good skills in telling stories, asking questions, and generally using words. ¬†She is really thriving in her pre-school!

In fact, Molly only missed one area on the whole checklist. ¬†Her only negative feedback was sort of funny, actually. ¬†Molly did not get full marks for¬†“Solves conflicts verbally and usually without violence or need of teacher.” ¬†We’ll give her a few more years on that.

Molly Dance Recital #2

Today, Molly had her dance recital¬†for her second year of ballet/tap class. ¬†The theme of the show was “Circe de Dance”. ¬†Molly’s class got a five-minute spot in the middle of the hourlong show. ¬†At this point, the kids basically watch the teachers in the wings of the stage and do what she does. ¬†The big trip right now is to do a slow twirl, and maybe a little ump.

Grammy and Granddaddy got to see the big show before heading out to the Pacific Northwest for the summer.

Kit and I were luke-warm on the overly cute (and overly expensive) costume, but Molly seemed to enjoy the whole thing.  Claire has wanted to do a dance recital and get a cool costume of her own for a while, but in the end she has decided that actually taking the dance class for several months leading up to the recital is not worth the reward.

Molly on stage
Molly and her class work the stage
Claire greeting Molly after the show
Claire greets Molly after the show

Working It

Molly in in "M" cape and Dora nightgown
Molly by her tent in her “M” cape and Dora nightgown.

Molly may be at her most adorable age right now, four and a half years old. ¬†A year ago, she was a dopey toddler. ¬†In another year, she will be a hearty five year old kid. ¬†Right now she is in the middle, no longer¬†a babyish mess but not yet a big kid. ¬†Here is a snapshot of what makes Molly adorable right¬†now…

Molly sleeps in a ladybug tent at night.  The tent is filled with stuffed animals and about 80 magazines.

Molly vaguely resembles Mike Wazowski.  Luckily, though, Molly does have two eyes.

Molly calls peanuts “peanut butter nuts”.

Molly often wears her “M” cape with a princess costume¬†and a tiara. ¬†She calls this “Super Molly”.

Molly sincerely believes that her¬†“M” cape makes her go faster.

Molly will only wear dresses that twirl properly.

Molly plays along with Dora the Explorer¬†when the show¬†prompts you for an answer. ¬†We often hear her loudly yelling things like “Purple!” at the computer.

Molly judges things primarily by their color, with pink and purple being the best colors.  Luckily, this approach does not apply to people.

Molly says “No fair!” a lot.

Molly clambers a lot.  She clambers into her dining chair, onto her bed, etc. (Clamber: to climb, move, or get in or out of something in an awkward and laborious way, typically using both hands and feet.)

Molly believes that the Disney princesses are real. ¬†She was initially confused by the idea of¬†Disney World and¬†Disney Land. ¬†Which one do the real princesses live at? ¬†Then she figured it out: “Disney World has the real people, and Disney Land has puppets.”

You will commonly find Molly wandering the house wearing nothing but skivvies and sparkly shoes, and sometimes only the shoes.

Molly always says her sister’s name as two syllables, “Cla-aire”.

Molly loves¬†her big sister. ¬†They spend a lot of time playing and hanging out¬†on the weekends. ¬†Yesterday, Claire went off for a playdate for a couple of hours. ¬†Molly quickly got bored without Claire¬†around¬†and said, sadly, “What am I supposed to do now?” ¬†Molly later stated¬†that she really likes being with Claire.

Molly always smells good, even when¬†she is hot and sweaty. ¬†Well, not always; she is sometimes gassy — then look out!

Claire in Class

We don’t get to see a whole lot of Claire in school, aside from the occasional class holiday musical, etc. ¬†Here is a rare picture of Claire working on a poetry project in her second grade class.

The Cat in the Hat

Kit took Molly to see a live performance of The Cat in the Hat at the Zach Theater.  I took Claire to a birthday party at the same time.  It sounds like The Cat in the Hat was very cool.  They acted out all the crazy balancing of objects, Thing 1 and Thing 2, the whole nine yards.  Molly loved it and got to meet the cast afterwards.  Here are some photos.

1914 Style

Our neighborhood recently turned 100 years old. ¬†To celebrate, there was a¬†neighborhood picnic and parade. ¬†Everyone was encouraged to wear 1914-inspired clothes. ¬†We did our best on a limited time budget and ended up with something vaguely old fashioned but probably more inspired by the roaring 20’s. ¬†Claire invited her friend Susie over, and they all had a great time being in the parade plus a horse carriage ride, crafts, face painting,¬†and just¬†enjoying being out in the late spring weather.