Molly Dance Recital #2

Today, Molly had her dance recital for her second year of ballet/tap class.  The theme of the show was “Circe de Dance”.  Molly’s class got a five-minute spot in the middle of the hourlong show.  At this point, the kids basically watch the teachers in the wings of the stage and do what she does.  The big trip right now is to do a slow twirl, and maybe a little ump.

Grammy and Granddaddy got to see the big show before heading out to the Pacific Northwest for the summer.

Kit and I were luke-warm on the overly cute (and overly expensive) costume, but Molly seemed to enjoy the whole thing.  Claire has wanted to do a dance recital and get a cool costume of her own for a while, but in the end she has decided that actually taking the dance class for several months leading up to the recital is not worth the reward.

Molly on stage
Molly and her class work the stage
Claire greeting Molly after the show
Claire greets Molly after the show

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