Claire Turns 7!

Claire turned seven years old today!

Sadly, I am actually going back and writing about it late at night months later. ¬†I will leave it mostly to the pictures, mostly. ¬†We had Claire’s party at her indoor swim lesson facility, Elmer Swim School. ¬†Claire was really into this idea, and it was fun for everyone to go swimming in late November! ¬†This was all on the weekend after her birthday. ¬†On Claire’s actual birthday, we took her out to Jason’s Deli, her¬†perennial¬†favorite.


This blog, among many other things, took a back seat while I finished up my first iPhone app, Santa Scan. ¬†The app should be fun for kids around Christmas. ¬†When I finally showed it to Claire, she loved it even more than I thought she would. ¬†She went crazy when she finally found Santa and heard him say, “Ho ho ho!” ¬†Claire became a little obsessed and kept yelling, “I can’t believe I heard Santa on Daddy’s phone!”

It was a tough push to get the app submitted to Apple, and I had spent the previous three weekends and a late night almost entirely dedicated to the app, while Kit and/or her mom watched the kids and generally took care of things around the house.  I could have never finished the app in time for Christmas if it had not been for their extensive help with the kids.

You can follow news of the new app on the Round Trip Software website or on Twitter.

Fall Program Intro

Claire was chosen as the “stage manager” for her first grade class’ fall music performance, the Fall Program. ¬†She even got to dress up for the part! ¬†Claire originally had a part introducing one of the songs in the middle of the show, but her song got cut, so she was assigned the role of letting the parents in the door and introducing the show. ¬†She did not have a chance to memorize the whole script, so what you see here is Claire basically reading the script aloud. ¬†This is amazing, considering that she is still learning to read!

The first and last song of the show was Fifty Nifty United States.

Fifty Nifty!

Claire’s class sings “Fifty Nifty United States” as part of their Fall Program. ¬†Claire had been practicing and singing this song for weeks, and we were absolutely amazed to hear at home her gradually list off all 50 states in alphabetical order, eventually with ease. That is hard! ¬†The theme of the program was the various United States, and this song was the centerpiece of the show. ¬†Other songs included “New York, New York”, “California, Here I Come”, and many more.