Molly’s Fifth Birthday Party

We were planning to have Molly’s birthday party at Pease Park, but the weather forecast called to 50% chance of rain, so we decided at the last minute to move it to our house. ¬†Of course, it did not rain after all, so we have it outside at our house. ¬†Anyways, it was a great party. ¬†Here are two genuine¬†quotes overheard¬†from her friends at¬†the party:

This is the best party ever!

I don’t want this party to ever end!

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.


Molly Turns 5!

Molly turned five years old today!  Way to go, Molly.  We love you!

Instead of a blog post, I put together a quick video montage of her birthday, which was a regular school day followed by present opening (mostly Frozen (movie) stuff) and a special pancake dinner at Kerby Lane Cafe.

Trip To Dallas

We took a quick one-night trip to Dallas this weekend to do two things that Kit had been dying to do for months: (1) visit her friend Clarissa, who moved to Dallas a few months ago, and (2) see a Rangers baseball game.  We combined the two, and met Clarissa and her family at the game on Saturday afternoon, then stayed with them for Saturday night.

A few notes…

  • As usual, we were¬†only able to take a one-night trip since Kit cannot take a “long weekend” on her job. ¬†It is a week or nothing.
  • As usual, Claire was bored to tears at the baseball game. ¬†Literally the most exciting part of the game for her was when it ended. ¬†We told her the game was over, and she cheered for the first and only time of the day (see picture below).
  • Claire and Molly had a grand time playing with Clarissa’s daughter, Layla.
  • The biggest highlight for Claire was when Layla gave Claire a few of her My Little Pony toys. ¬†Apparently these were pretty special ponies. ¬†Claire was soooo excited and thankful and said she would mail them back if Lalya ever changed her mind.
  • A lowlight of the trip was the drive up to Dallas, when Kit, Claire, and I all wanted to have a nice discussion about shows, movies, news or whatever. ¬†Molly made a concerted effort to prevent this from¬†happening. ¬†She was constantly and loudly interrupting and complaining even yelling and crying. ¬†This went on for hours. ¬†Eventually Kit just about lost it and yelled back, and then at least it was quiet for a while, but everyone was sad. ¬†Molly did better on the way back to Austin the next day.