Trip To Dallas

We took a quick one-night trip to Dallas this weekend to do two things that Kit had been dying to do for months: (1) visit her friend Clarissa, who moved to Dallas a few months ago, and (2) see a Rangers baseball game.  We combined the two, and met Clarissa and her family at the game on Saturday afternoon, then stayed with them for Saturday night.

A few notes…

  • As usual, we were¬†only able to take a one-night trip since Kit cannot take a “long weekend” on her job. ¬†It is a week or nothing.
  • As usual, Claire was bored to tears at the baseball game. ¬†Literally the most exciting part of the game for her was when it ended. ¬†We told her the game was over, and she cheered for the first and only time of the day (see picture below).
  • Claire and Molly had a grand time playing with Clarissa’s daughter, Layla.
  • The biggest highlight for Claire was when Layla gave Claire a few of her My Little Pony toys. ¬†Apparently these were pretty special ponies. ¬†Claire was soooo excited and thankful and said she would mail them back if Lalya ever changed her mind.
  • A lowlight of the trip was the drive up to Dallas, when Kit, Claire, and I all wanted to have a nice discussion about shows, movies, news or whatever. ¬†Molly made a concerted effort to prevent this from¬†happening. ¬†She was constantly and loudly interrupting and complaining even yelling and crying. ¬†This went on for hours. ¬†Eventually Kit just about lost it and yelled back, and then at least it was quiet for a while, but everyone was sad. ¬†Molly did better on the way back to Austin the next day.

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