Busy Body / Sleepy Head

Molly has so much fun at school playing with her friends and exploring her classroom. But she gets pretty worn out during the week. She rests up on the weekends, sleeping in late and indulging in two long naps per day. And these are hard naps; she tends to wake up all sweaty and disoriented.

This Saturday, Molly was especially sleepy, and Kit kept track of her sleep and wake times. For the 24 hours from Saturday morning to Sunday morning, Molly was actually awake for just over 7 hours of the day. Sometimes she starts to “cave” within an hour or two of waking up from a long nap or even a full 12-hour night’s sleep.

But no wonder she is so tired. Those are some very busy 7 waking hours, with barely an idle moment. She has lots of exploring to do, household items to pick up and drop, household items to shake and roll, furniture and people to crawl over, stairs to climb, dogs and kids to giggle at, silly games to invent. She makes the most of her precious 7 hours!

Molly’s First Birthday Party

Molly’s actual first birthday was a couple of days ago, and we celebrated with everyone today. We had cake and hamburgers at our house. It was actually the first party or gathering of any kind we had at the new house, as it turns out. All the grandparents were in town, as were a few other local friends, including Claire’s friends Coco & Zoey. Molly was present for some of her party but missed a lot of it due to an extreme need for a nap.
Among Molly’s presents were a baby xylophone on wheels and a baby phone on wheels. I am probably forgetting something else on wheels as well.

Molly Turns One!

Molly had her official first birthday today!

After a regular day at school, we had a spaghetti dinner at home (Molly’s favorite). Grammy was here to help celebrate, too. After dinner, we offered her a petite cupcake from Whole Foods. At first, she was not happy about this idea at all. She did not want that cupcake! What were we trying to do? Eventually she gave it a try and enjoyed the results.

Happy birthday, Molly!

Her birthday party will be coming up this weekend.