Pre-School Report Card

Molly got a report card from her pre-school today.  It is basically a checklist of core skills for a 3-4 year old.  She did well overall, and this report is the latest indication that Molly has officially “pulled herself together”, as Kit and I like to say.  On the math front, Molly can sort things, group things, count to 23, and identify all the basic shapes except for octagons.  She got all check marks in fine motor for things like cutting with scissors, drawing, doing puzzles (her speciality), and even pouring water from a pitcher.  Language was good too, with good skills in telling stories, asking questions, and generally using words.  She is really thriving in her pre-school!

In fact, Molly only missed one area on the whole checklist.  Her only negative feedback was sort of funny, actually.  Molly did not get full marks for “Solves conflicts verbally and usually without violence or need of teacher.”  We’ll give her a few more years on that.

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