Happy Birthday, America!

Happy 4th of July!Independence Day fell on a Wednesday this year, and we all had the day off from school and work.  Having a holiday on Wednesday threw everyone off a bit.  I though it was Saturday and started sprinkling the yard in the morning, Saturday being the only day we can legally use the sprinkler in Austin.  Five minutes later, I realized it was Wednesday and had to run out and shut off the water.

Kit also thought it was Saturday, which is odd when you think about it, since she will be flying out of town with the girls on Saturday, to go visit Grammy and Granddaddy in Washington state.  If it really were Saturday, then Kit would have been scrambling pretty hard to make the plane.  It was that kind of day.

Claire thought it was the weekend too and was a bit surprised that she had to go to school for the next two days.

At dinner, we discussed how it would be cool of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln could have met each other, and they probably would have liked each other a lot.  George and Abe are subjects of two of Claire’s favorite books lately: Young George Washington: America’s First President and Young Abe Lincoln: The Log Cabin President.  Claire likes when young Abe leaves footprints on the ceiling of the log cabin, as a joke on his step mother.  These gentlemen are also subjects of my occasional outbursts of admiration around the house, especially when reading a history book on the topic.  Boy, did those guys have trouble, and boy, did they take care of business.

For her part, Molly was also excited about the Fourth of July.  At dinner, Molly chimed in loudly, “Happy birthday, America!  Way to go!  Flag!!!”  Then she smiled proudly at the rest of the family as we laughed at her “flag” comment.

It was a good day, and although the fireworks were too late for the girls to see, we did enjoy a nice, slow day all together, even if half of it involved dragging the girls around on errands the big trip to Washington, which they are super excited about.  We even finished off the day with steak, watermelon, and an evening walk.  Way to go!  Flag!

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