A Post About Posters

Posters on Molly's wall
Molly’s wall adorned with posters of her heroes.

Molly has decided to decorate the wall on her side of the room with posters.  It started when the girls’ nanny Jackie helped Molly and Claire make a big crayon drawing of the own names.  Molly and Claire both immediately wanted to mount it on the wall above their beds.

After this, Molly was inspired.  She scrounged up some posters that came with some of her books, some of her favorite characters.  There are the standard Disney princesses and The Pigeon.  We’ve been really into the Mo Willems “Pigeon” books.  They are short and really fun to read in silly voices.  Molly even does an amazing little tiny voice for the little tiny chick in The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog.  Anyways, The Pigeon is a funny bird and a bit of a troublemaker.  And now he takes his place along side the princesses on Molly’s wall.

Claire is sticking with just her name poster for now.  I told Claire that in a few years, she and Molly would be putting up Justin Bieber posters.  Claire was horrified.  “Whaaat?!?!  No way, Dad!!!” is all she could say.  I hope she is right.

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