Update on Claire’s MLP Channel

Screenshot of Claire's MLP channel
Claire’s MLP channel

Claire’s started her own My Little Pony channel on YouTube back in June.  She now has 14 MLP videos published, mostly original stories, plus some of her opening newly bought toys (along the lines of Bin’s Toy Bin).  I am really proud of Claire for pursuing her passion and showing the dedication to create 14 videos.

Now that Claire has started school, she is concerned about getting new content onto her channel.  She doesn’t want to keep her fans waiting.  But she spends most of her weekday afternoons on homework and doesn’t have much extra time.  With what little time is left, she is torn between filming MLP videos for YouTube and watching other people’s MLP videos.

Claire does has footage filmed for six more videos.  She waiting for me to edit them and upload them to YouTube.  The issue here is that these six videos amount to roughly 40 clips, all mixed up in iMovie.  I told Claire I would need to dedicate “half a day” to getting them all straightened out and published.  I hope I am exaggerating.

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