Molly: Scientist of the week

Molly showed a cool magic trick — oops, I mean science experiment — to her class for “Scientist of the Week” today.  Molly got to choose her own experiment.  She didn’t like any of the experiments from the standard class books because they “don’t have useful conclusion”.  She found an experiment she liked roughly relating to air pressure in a random kid’s science book that I had.

As you can see in the picture, she turns a cup of water upside down, and a playing card miraculously holds the water in the cup.

The class was pretty impressed and had lots of questions.  “es this work with orange juice?”,  “Does it work with sparkling water?”,  “Do you have to use a card, or can I use my iPad?”, “Does it work on a lower value card?”  To test the last question, we tried the experiment on a second card of lower value (2 of spades) to make sure it still worked.  What do you know, it worked!? 😉

You got a love those curious third grade minds!  And way to go Molly for a great presentation.

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