Rainy Summer Days

With all the rain we’ve been having lately, the backyard has turned into a water park for the girls.  Molly, in particular, loves going outside to play, especially when it is raining.  She likes when it is raining really hard best of all.  She and Claire will spend hours at a time out there just splashing around and playing with their toys.

They even set up a water park for their My Little Pony toys.  The park is inspired by Schlitterbahn and features a giant water slide with a big pool at the end of it.  There is also a “natural pond”, which is basically a big puddle.  And the Swamp of Doom in the muddy grass area.  Claire made a map of the park and even added a snack stand for refreshments (it’s alternately a smoothie place, a fish taco place, or Benny’s Fish ‘n’ Chips).


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