Just Molly Tonight

20140213-111740.jpgClaire suddenly got invited to sleep over at her friend Susie’s house tonight.  This was a big, unexpected treat for Claire.

It was also a treat for Molly.  To make the night special for her, we asked what she wanted to do.  Immediately, Molly said that she wanted to do fuse beads and have chocolate ice cream.  We managed both, and then some.  We went to Jason’s Deli, still Molly’s favorite restaurant.  She had been clambering to go to Jason’s even since our cherished Friday night swim lessons and subsequent dinners at Jason’s Deli, came to and end in January.  Molly loves the cheese pizza and the free ice cream.  We also did fuse beads, including the part where you actually iron them together, which we often skip.

We also managed some just-Molly time on the Wii.  She took her best shot at Wii Sports Resort, uninterrupted by Claire.  It turns out the Wii (at least the games we have) is not that easy for a four year old, and eventually she just wanted to watch.  Eventually this morphed into watching the Winter Olympics.  Molly loved the ice dancing.

Molly briefly lobbied to sleep in me and Kit’s room, like she did when Claire hosted a sleepover, but she did not push it.  It was already a pretty great night.

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