More Medicine, Please

Molly woke up the other night at 2:00 am with an ear infection.  (Why are these always at 2:00 am?)  It actually took us a while to figure out what was bothering her because she did not tell us anything except she felt bad.  After a couple of hours, Molly said her ears hurt.  In retrospect, yes of course, it was an ear infection!  We gave her a couple of age 2-6 Tylenol chewables, which she said were yummy, and she finally got to sleep around 5:30.  She really thought the Tylenol was a treat, which was scary considering this.

The next day, at the doctor, Molly was prescribed an antibiotic called Cefdinir.  Molly loved the Cefdinir even more than the Tylenol.  She asked for more, sort of as a treat.  Hmm.  I said no, we only have this medicine once a day, and we only ever have medicine when the doctor or parents say it is time for it.  Molly listened politely and then  asked for some more medicine, as if I just didn’t quite hear her question right the first time.

Molly asks for her Cefdinir first thing every morning.  She also asks for Tylenol (“the other one”), but to no avail.  On the way home from school today, still a little confused about the times of day, she asked for her medicine “Tonight, right before breakfast.”

What do they put in medicine these days?  Sugar?  I remember hating to take medicine, like that cough medicine syrup.  It was just awful.  I can still taste it now, and it makes my stomach queazy.  I guess Molly will fondly remember her medicine as a yummy treat.  Medicine is supposed to taste bad, right?  Like that smell they add to propane so you know it’s not supposed to be there?  Actually, smelling the medicine, it does smell a little bad and medicinal to me.  But Molly says it tastes like cake.

Anyways, both medicines did their trick quite nicely.  Molly was happy and healthy as a clam the very next day.

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