All Orange

Molly is all about the orange.

Tonight for dinner, she had macaroni & cheese, mashed carrots, and orange slices.  I didn’t realize until the end that everything she was eating was the same glorious orange color.  Well, okay, fortunately the milk was white.

To top it off, I then realized that she was wearing an orange shirt, as was I.

Molly’s teachers tell me that that she only eats orange-colored vegetables.  Sure enough, she still gobbles up baby food carrots and sweet potatoes, but normally won’t touch any other kind of baby food.
Where does this orange obsession come from?
Maybe this fondness of orange, combined with her disposition on yelling “AGGIE!” when upset, show Molly, the family’s only Austin native, to be a huge fan of the Longhorns, her hometown team.  She’ll be yelling “Go horns!” soon enough.

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