Claire and Molly saw their first real, live spaceship today.

Kit read in the newspaper that NASA’s new Multi Purpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV) was parked about a mile away in the parking lot of the Bob Bullock Museum tonight.  The spacecraft was on it’s way from California to Florida and just happened to be passing through town.  We decided to go check it out after dinner, even though Molly would be late for bed.  I mean really, a spaceship sitting there a mile away for one night?  You have to go check that out.

So we did go check it out, and it was pretty cool to see this space-pod thing sitting there on the back of a flatbed, and we waited in a long line to take look through the window.  We even got to talk to some of the engineers who designed the spacecraft.  Claire and Molly ran around on the grass while we waited, and Claire made a couple of friends.  It was a good night.

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