Down with Rock & Roll

Today when Claire was in one of her occasional sour moods in the car on the way home from school, we were discussing different kinds of music to put on to maybe cheer things up.  Kid’s music?  Beach Boys?  An audiobook?  Rock & roll?

Claire did not like the rock & roll idea at all.  “I hate rock & roll!” she proclaimed.  “It’s the worst kind of music there is!  I hate rock stars too!”  She then paused to add, “And I hate movie stars!”

Yeah!  Eat it, Bono!

Once she got that out of her system, she was calm and relaxed, and we drove home a little more happy but with no music.

Oh so ironic… that was such a “rock & roll” way for Claire to work out her emotions.  Take down the man!  Yell it out!  I think she might have slammed a guitar into an amplifier if she didn’t hate rock & roll so much.

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