Remote Entry

When Kit left for work this morning, her car was sitting there in front of the house at 5:30 am with the trunk and widows open. The car was unlocked, and the seats were “all moist” from the humid night air. Kit didn’t leave the car wide open last night, so what happened here?

Yesterday, Kit had rushed out of work “early”, at 7:00 pm, so she could see just a little bit of Claire before her 7:30 bath and bedtime. When Kit got home, she put her car keys down on a stool by the door and picked up Claire for a nice extended hug. When Claire was back on her feet, she immediately reached for the car keys. She loves the keys, especially the remote entry buttons, which she mashes a lot. Sometimes it even makes the car honk outside the window.

Claire had pressed the “open trunk” button at least once, and did something to open the windows too. I used to accidentally annoy Kit by somehow cracking the windows with the remote entry buttons, but I never even knew how I did it. Apparently Claire picked up the same trick, and it is a lot cuter when she does it.

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