Popular Kid

With Reese’s family at home taking care of new little baby Davis, Grace has been coming over to our house to watch Claire. Sometimes Grace’s daughter Julianna (sp?) comes over as well, and they have a lot of fun together.

It used to be just me and Muffin (and Daisy in spirit) down in the basement in a quiet house during the day. Now, there are as many of four people upstairs, and various parents and spouses coming and going. I hear the muted sounds of kids stomping around, giggling, and screaming, and the infamous Tigger scooter (from my parents) playing “Camp Town Races” all day above me as I work. Sometimes there are quiet periods when they are playing outside, napping, or watching TV. Reese’s favorite show is Caillou, and of course it is now one of Claire’s favorites by proxy.

When I go upstairs to get a drink or use the bathroom, it is always a very fun, nice scene. Claire is sometimes entertaining Grace and/or Juliana with her words: “Baby! Reesie! Rain! Rain! Mingo! (for flamingo) Kitty! Kitty!”. If Reese is around, she might be sort of playing with him or messing with one of his toys.

Today we had a big thunderstorm in the late afternoon, and we lost power. After everyone left, it was just me and Claire in a quiet, dark house. Kit is on a tough rotation, and we would miss her for dinner. With no way to cook, we went to Moe’s for dinner. We had the usual, a John Coctostan for me, and a Mini Me for Claire. I am a regular, and they guys at Moe’s sort of know Claire too. They also asked about Kit. During all of this, Claire was flirting with one of the really nice Moe’s guys. When we sat down with our quesadillas, he came and sat down with us for a few minutes, mostly to admire Claire.

When we got back home, Claire saw Melissa across the street and said “Lissa! Lissa!”, so we had to go pay her a visit. Claire proudly showed her belly to Melissa and asked about her kitty cat, Marmalade. Kit got home around 7:00 to play and cuddle with Claire a little bit, and to do her bedtime routine.

Somehow Claire already has something of a social life. She has managed to put together a nice cadre of friends, and is never in want of someone to admire her. And just like with the Peachtree Road Race, Claire is also helping to get me into the mix.

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