Catch Phrases

Claire has developed a couple of catch phrases lately.

The first one she stumbled upon accidentally when she randomly said something like “Stay safe!” over dinner one night. She said it sort of seriously, but with a little grin, and looked at us for a reaction. Of course, we were rolling around laughing. The other phrase she likes is “Take it easy”, which I occasionally say if she gets worked up about something, like splashing her bath water too much or redistributing all her socks around the house. One day I said it, and she repeated it back to me with flourish. “Takeiteasy!” she said as sort of a single word.

She says both of these phrases a lot now, at least as a parlor trick if we remind her of them, and she usually says them back to back. It probably cracks me and Kit up more than anyone. Kit has started singing the Eagles song “Take it easy” to get Claire going.

We’ll finish with a message from Claire:

“Stay safe!”

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