Fire and Ice in Houston

We made a quick trip to Houston this weekend to see my Dad for his birthday.  Kit stayed home to study for some big doctor test coming up in August.  We were in Houston for one full day and a morning.

Highlights included ice skating at Memorial City Mall, Molly’s first time to skate.  It took about 30 minutes for Molly to make her way around the edge of the skating rink while she held to the side on for dear life.  On Claire’s turn, she didn’t fare much better.  Both girls really liked the American Girl store across the hall from the skating rink.

Also, there were hours of swimming in the townhouse pool, featuring the big deep end and lots of sunshine (and lots of sunscreen).

We had chocolate pie and James Coney Island for my dad’s birthday.  He and my mom went to the Astro’s game while the girls and I headed back to Austin.

Before we left, I managed to do a quick baseball home run session with Eric in the blazing sun at our old junior high.  Eric’s five-year-old son, Luke, took a few solid swings but didn’t connect for a homer.  When Eric and I were batting, Luke was in the dugout, safe from the flying hardballs.  But we did have a couple of game delays when Luke yelled “Firefly!” and ran out into the field to chase a firefly.  What a great little kid moment, even if it was someone else’s little kid.

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