Mom’s Best Friends


“Is she another one of Mom’s friends?”

That was Molly’s question about the babysitter scheduled for tomorrow.

With our summer nanny, Anna, out sick or on vacation for most of this week, we’ve had to hire random backup sitters from a service.  This was our fouth different sitter in as many days.

Molly’s question puzzled us all for a minute.  Why would Molly think all of these sitters were Kit’s friends?

Then Kit figured it out.  Mom’s Best Friend is the sitter service that we have been using to get quick sitters like this.  Molly heard us saying something like a “A Mom’s Best Friend sitter is coming tomorrow” and came to the very reasonable conclusion that all these sitters were her Mom’s best friends.  It really makes perfect sense.  But her Mom sure does seem to have a lot of BFF’s.

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