Rainbow Claire

This is a picture of Claire in her handmade paper-and-tape Rainbow Dash costume.  The lovingly-made costume is a tribute to Claire’s enduring fascination with My Little Pony.  She is even talking about publishing to YouTube a video of her playing with the My Little Pony.  There are video like that that have over 30,000 views.

One time I said something offhand to Claire about, “When you move on to the next thing after My Little Pony…” and Claire, shocked, said “What?  I will never move on from My Little Pony!”

The only other rival for Claire’s attention is the movie Frozen.  Claire and Molly both know all the songs, etc. and talk about who is better, Anna or Elsa (the consensus is Anna, although Claire has some sympathy for Elsa).  Claire and I can perform the song “Reindeers Are Better Than People” with me on guitar and Claire on vocals.  It actually sounds okay.  Maybe we should put that on YouTube, huh?

Still, MLP is king no matter if some people Claire’s age think its “babyish”.  Claire is a loyal and proud fan, and her paper costume shows it.

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