The First Tooth Comes Out

Claire officially lost her first tooth today.  That bottom-middlish tooth had been loose for almost two months but finally let go at school today during lunch.  Apparently it comes out as Claire was eating a pear in the cafeteria with her friend Harper.  Claire stared run-walking to find a teacher and almost got in trouble with the cafeteria monitor.  Claire was very proud of her missing tooth.

The tooth stayed in Claire’s school desk the first night but came home the next day where it slept under Claire’s pillow in a special tiny pillow of its own to help the Tooth Fairy could find it.  When I woke Claire up the next morning, the very first thing she did was check her Tooth Fairy pillow.  In it, she found her tiny little tooth had been traded for a special half-collar coin.  That was a special coin from the Tooth Fairy, who will probably end up slipping a plain old dollar bill in there on later teeth.  Claire was surprised it was a silver half dollar coin, thinking half dollars were normally gold.  Still, she really likes her “only silver” coin.

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