Finally, a Sleepover

Claire and Maddie enjoying a bedtime story together.
Claire and Maddie enjoying a bedtime story together.

Finally, after many months of patiently asking and waiting, Claire got to host her first sleepover.  Claire had spent the night at her friend Maddie’s house a while back, and now we got to return the favor.  We ordered pizza and watched A Dolphin Tale.  The girls stayed up little late, about 10:00 or 10:30, with Claire telling Maddie “scary stories that weren’t that scary.”  Maddie is accustomed to sleeping in somewhat later than Claire.  However, Claire convinced Maddie that they should get up at 7:00 am since sleeping in late amounted to “wasting precious play time”.

We set up the “sick bed” for Molly in our room to avoid messing up Claire and Maddie’s scene (and to avoid a madhouse with Molly in there).  The sick bed is the portable, inflatable mattress we use when someone is vomiting, etc. and needs to stay in our room.  Molly saw the bed and asked who was sick.  Kit said that the mattress was the “fun bed” tonight.  Molly liked it.  She got to arrange the covers and pillows just so, taking a lot of care with it.  She was very cozy and seemed to enjoy sleeping in our room.  It took her over an hour to fall asleep, although that is normal for Molly.


Molly enjoying the sick/fun bed
Molly enjoying the sick/fun bed

The kids played the next morning until Maddie’s parents got her around noon.  There were some challenges in the morning with not sharing the Wii, etc. and maybe some homesickness on Maddie’s part, but overall we just had a quiet morning.  Claire’s friend Harper had suggested that Claire “order donuts” for breakfast.  I asked Claire what that meant, and she said she didn’t know, but Harper usually “orders donuts” when she has a sleepover.  Is there a donut delivery service I am not aware of?  Anyways, I ran up to Howdy Donut and waited in line for 20 minutes to get some pretty great donuts and some really awesome sausage kolaches (one each per person).

So it was a nice, cozy sleepover with an old friend.  Claire loved the idea of a sleepover and is already planning her next one.  She is actually randomly inviting girls she is sort of friends with, and who have never ever been to our house to play before, for a sleepover just because their mom is there.  That is how much she loves sleepovers.

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